White Grapefruit & May Chang reed diffuser set (refillable), 500 ml

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reed diffuser set (refillable)
Producer: Abahna , Producer product#: ABW92
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White Grapefruit & May Chang reed diffuser set (refillable)

Enjoy your favourite Abahna fragrance with our luxury reed diffusers. Presented in a striking decanter style glass bottle with gold stopper and filled with exquisite fragrance oil to delicately scent your surroundings for up to 9 months.

White Grapefruit & May Chang:

Awaken the senses each morning or refresh the spirit at night with this energising fragrance. Even in the darkest winter the uplifting citrus aroma can evoke summers yet to come.


The revitalising combination of zesty white grapefruit and piquant may chang essential oils is especially designed to enliven the mind and leave you feeling positive, cheerful and inspired.

Recommendations for use

Away from fragile or delicate surfaces, remove gold stopper. Untie reed stems and carefully insert into bottle. Turn over to fully saturate before arranging reeds. For a stronger fragrance, use all the reeds supplied; for a lighter fragrance, use fewer reeds. Inverting the reeds every few weeks will help revitalise the fragrance diffusion. 24 hours should be allowed for the fragrance to fully seep through the reed stems and diffuse into the room on first use. Wash hands thoroughly after handling saturated reeds.



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